IT Product Services are an integral component to our implementation and support services as well as helping our clients improve “the business of IT” by streamlining fulfillment and life cycle management processes.

We combine industry standard sourcing and configuration services such as e-procurement, imaging and hardware configuration with our unique services and solutions designed to streamline IT business processes, decrease labor costs and improve service levels.

  • Internet-based sourcing solutions like our Requisition and Approval Processing System help to reduce order processing costs, decrease time-to-fulfillment, and improve order accuracy. The system is highly customizable, integrates and automates company approval hierarchy, and delivers exclusivity by allowing for your company’s unique appearance and email formats.
  • Integrated Configuration services like our Virtual Site StagingTM imaging process allows devices to be delivered “end-user ready”; with OS and applications configured for your network with your preferred configuration management tool.
  • Unique Logistics Solutions like Rack N RollSM Packaging and Deployment System create a seamless delivery and installation process, eliminates packaging waste, and improves the quality of service provided to the business.
  • Retirement Services such as e-waste recycling completes the fulfillment lifecycle, helps reduce handling and storage costs, ensures data security, and improves asset management.

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