Digital Video Surveillance Solutions

The Video Surveillance world is turning its watchful eye from analog video surveillance to digital/IP-based solutions. IP-based solutions offer better imaging, improved performance, easier installation, better security, and smart functionality. Digital solutions can lower your costs and leverage technology to help you better protect your organization against loss.

These solutions can have a dramatic impact on your business, but planning and executing a migration from analog to digital on your own can be complex and problematic. Working with multiple sources to procure your camera, computing, and networking equipment, then relying on an integrator to configure and install everything on-site can be inefficient and expensive.

PDS Can Help…

PDS offers an integrated solution for the purchasing, fulfillment, configuration, and distribution of IP-based video surveillance systems. We have developed the specialized resources, skills, personnel, equipment and systems to execute these processes efficiently and cost-effectively. With PDS as your partner, you streamline the product procurement process, minimize lead times and reduce cost through centralized purchasing. We partner with you to design configuration and distribution processes tailor-fit for your needs. Then we pick, package and ship every server, switch, cable, computer and camera custom configured for each location and ready to install. Whether you have 5 locations or thousands, our solution is built to handle your needs.

Our Process

Digital Video Surveillance Solution Process

Why PDS?

We’re an IT solutions provider that specializes in video security. We help you understand network IP video, how it will impact you from both an IT and Loss Prevention perspective, and build a solution that’s focused on business results.

We can customize a solution to fit your needs. PDS fulfills and configures more than 60,000 devices annually, but our specialized skills, facilities, and processes can be tailored to efficiently accommodate large or small volumes.

We’re one of the nation’s largest retailers of Axis equipment and have deployed video surveillance solutions to thousands of locations across the country.







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