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HPE Hyper Converged 250 – Data Center in a Box!

Software Defined Datacenters are on the minds of technology folks everywhere: ‘Where does it fit in?’ ‘How does it fit in?’ ‘What are my options?’ PDS has done Software Defined Datacenter presentations and blog posts in the past, however what I want to do today is talk about another Software Defined option called Hyper Convergences.

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VMworld 2015 in review – Demystifying trends to solve customer problems

Make no mistake, VMWorld is the go-to conference for data center professionals around the world.  It is estimated roughly 23 thousand IT professionals stepped foot through the Moscone Center in San Francisco to see the direction VMware is going with its various technologies.  This year’s conference did not disappoint, and PDS customers and PDS employees had a great time learning and networking at the event.

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Components of Software-Defined Data Center: Compute Virtualization

In our previous blog post, we kicked off our journey down the long and winding road of innovation. PDS’ focus on a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) initiative has many facets. Let’s take a closer look at compute virtualization and its role in our overarching strategy.

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A Roles-Based Approach to Epic Security

Integrating an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system with other business systems is one of the top challenges faced by healthcare organizations, as they strive toward a common data set. Security is a top priority, and without a strategy in place, the management of the continuously-changing users and credentials can create chaos within your systems. When you are dealing with complex healthcare technologies, it is often challenging to create an effective identity management process that doesn’t slow down daily operations.

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