2020 Vision Webinar Series

In this webinar series, we invite you to explore with us our “2020 Vision.” 2020 Vision is a look forward at what technologies are, how they’re shaping our lives and our jobs, and how we can leverage them for success. This 2020 Vision aims to understand what’s on the horizon, and to help us bring clarity to the goals we’re setting for the future of our information technologies. This vision can be described simply as “Connected IT.” It puts your organizations and mission at the center and focuses on leveraging technology to:

  • Connect people to people
  • Connect people to technology
  • Connect technology to technology
  • And ultimately, to connect your organization to your strategic objectives

Each segment in this series will look at a different area of our information systems. We’ll talk about emerging trends in each area, how they impact your organization and IT, and what you need to be doing about them now.

03 - April 25 11AM CT Securing Privileged Identities with Privileged Account Management (PAM)

02 - PAST EVENT Setting your sights on a Hyper Converged Infrastructure, and the business cases to make the leap

01 - PAST EVENT Digital Workspace and Bringing O365 and Windows 10 into Focus