Our promise as a strategic Government / Education IT partner is to offer best practice implementation and learning platforms that all stakeholders can depend on to achieve systematic improvement and create an engaging and collaborative learning experience.

Student 1:1

Effective technology enablement is about getting the right technology in the hands of instructors and students, while empowering the students to achieve and learn using these tools. Student 1:1 is not a one-size-fits-all program – PDS can help you align the goals of your device strategy with your overarching educational goals and unique instructional and learning objectives. PDS Education Solutions include:

  • Device selection
  • IT asset life cycle management
  • Virtual site staging
  • Systems management
  • Mobile device management
  • Filr cloud storage

To learn more about our capabilities, contact the PDS Education Team.

School Network Infrastructure

Continually changing methods of online curriculum delivery require K-12 organizations to implement a network infrastructure that can quickly adapt and remain flexible while maintaining a high level of reliability and efficiency. This level of infrastructure is often challenging to acquire, maintain and manage without dramatically increasing maintenance costs and/or headcount – and it is even more challenging to predict future networking needs. PDS can help you stay as flexible as possible while providing predictable cost structures to district administration.

For more information on PDS Managed Wi-Fi and Data Network for Schools, contact the PDS Education Team.

Student and Staff Identity & Access Management

With the increased importance of cloud computing, online learning, education portals, data warehousing and performance management in today’s schools, student and staff Identity & Access Management (IAM) is more critical than ever before. School districts are faced with the challenge of managing a large number of users with disparate needs – and a high rate of turnover across a broad set of systems. Your IAM strategy requires a strong foundation that aligns with your institution’s highest priorities, and a PDS Identity & Access Management Workshop will help you identify gaps and create a road map for implementation.

To schedule your IAM Workshop, contact the PDS Education Team.

IT Value Added Reseller (VAR)

We are in our third decade of being a trusted advisor with expertise across multiple competencies to help clients choose and use the right hardware, software, or services.

We support many of the day-to-day IT requirements for government-sponsored entities such as state university systems, municipal and state agencies, and state contracts.

From initial requisition to final depreciation, we’re here to make sure you have the right technologies at the right times. Value Added Reseller Services include:

To learn more about IT Value Added Reseller services, contact PDS today.


PDS is proud to be a part of E-rate.  The Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund makes discounts available to eligible schools and libraries for telecommunication services, Internet access and internal connections. The program is intended to ensure that schools and libraries have access to affordable telecommunications and information services. The program is administered for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by the SLD (Schools and Libraries Division), an independent nonprofit established for this purpose.

Discounts for support depend on the level of poverty and the urban/rural status of the population served and range from 20% to 90% of the costs of eligible services. Eligible schools, school districts and libraries may apply individually or as part of a consortium.          For up-to-date information on E-Rate, visit the SLD’s Web site.

PDS SPIN Number: 143014302

Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA)

We are a proud member of WSCA. Our membership helps states achieve cost-effective and efficient acquisition of quality products and services. The WSCA cooperative purchasing benefits states, counties, public schools and higher education. To learn more about the WSCA partnership, contact us today.

For assistance with the purchasing of your technology, PDS has over 20 years of IT Lifecycle Management and Procurement.

To learn more about our Western States Contracting Alliance partnership, contact PDS today.

Shop PDS

Many of us embrace the anonymous aspects of online shopping, but we still like it when the system remembers what we’ve bought before or our shipping address. Shop PDS lets purchasing departments quickly search, compare, and buy products while providing a birds-eye view of previous purchases to help track assets, history, RMAs, Quick Lists, warranty information, and more. It’s a consumer-feel shopping experience with business-class benefits and better IT procurement experience. The benefits of the Shop PDS experience include:

  • Customer portal for ordering and reviewing technical specifications
  • Order tracking, RMA and inventory management
  • Quick Lists for common or return users
  • Customer Approval Routing tool for quality control
  • Dedicated Government / Education Account Team for convenient support online or by phone

Access your Shop PDS account or learn more by contacting PDS today.

Partners & Certifications

We feel strongly about surrounding ourselves with partners of strategic value, longevity, and who are respected within their industry. Like you, we believe it’s essential to have an information technology partner that supports your business strategy and believes it’s transformational to have one that expands your concept of what’s possible. This is what drives our approach to selecting the manufacturers we represent.

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Consulting & Integration

“The implementation of best practices is as important as the technology itself; and the value of technology in terms of student achievement depends on the quality of its implementation.”
– Project Red: national research initiative for revolutionizing education

We offer schools and universities Consulting & Integration services to help plan and design complex technology-based implementations.

To learn more about Consulting and Integration, visit PDS Services.

Implementation Services

Proper implementation of technology is linked to education success. We offer Implementation Services for Data Center Technologies, VMware Virtualization, Access and Identity Management, Windows 7 Migrations, and Application/Desktop Virtualization and Messaging, Directory and Desktop Management.

To learn more about Implementation Services, visit PDS Services.


Students and teachers want to bring and use their own devices within the boundaries of the campus. IT administrators want to provide this allowing access to the LMS, wireless infrastructure and unique applications on personal devices. We provide a complete road map for security, network infrastructure and technology adoption.

To learn more about our BYOD solution, contact PDS today.

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What Our Clients are Saying
  • “This is transforming the way that we’re approaching education, but we rely on cloud computing, we rely on access to technology from home that is reliable and scalable and that strategic partnership with PDS is key to getting that done.”
  • “PDS inspires me to think differently, to look at problems uniquely, to not accept the status quo. They offer me the opportunity to stretch my own thinking, to stretch my perspective and to look further down the road than I would have ever done in the past.”

  • “I don’t view PDS as a vendor, I view them as a partner and they are my data center provider now.”

  • “PDS is as honest as they come. They do well in finding the best prices available and have earned our trust and respect.”